Monthly Archives: July 2020

Agbiz eNewsletter-20 July 2020

Please find here the recent eNewsletter from AGBIZ: Agbiz Newsletter 27 Please Note that during the Lockdown the Agbiz offices will be closed, but all staff members are operating remotely. Find here COVID-19 Relief Schemes Summaries: 20200407 SA Covid-19 Relief Schemes Summaries – Read-Only We thank Agbiz for providing the […]

Dok Faffa-RPO Video-Animal Health-2020-07-15

Please find here the link for the video produced by Brand Republic for the Red Meat Producers Organisation-Dok Faffa gives a quick update on animal health in the red meat sector: Video-Dok Faffa-RPO-Animal Health Thank You Dok Faffa!

ASF Update 07 July 2020

Please find here the latest update on the African Swine Fever: ASF update 2020-06-30 ASF update 2020-05-19 2020-03-26 ASF outbreak and surveillance update report 2019-12-13 South Africa ASF update 2019-11-29 South Africa ASF update 2019-11-04 South Africa ASF update 2019-09-30 South Africa ASF update MEDIA STATEMENT 2019-09-06 South Africa ASF update […]