Animal Identification and Tracibility


The NAHF supports the frequent reporting of the disease status in areas. Please see here the RuVASA-DALRRD reporting system: Alternatively visit the RuVASA website: Disease Reporting January 2021: Disease report January 2021 -Summary Maps – January 2021 Disease Reporting December 2020: Disease report December 2020 -Summary Maps – December 2020 […]


See here the most recent FMD Update Follow Up Report: 2020-11-25 Updated FMD Molemole outbreak follow up report 2020-08-24 Updated FMD Molemole outbreak follow up draft (1)

SA Feedlot Association-MEAT MATTERS-Conference 2020

SA FEEDLOT ASSOCIATION-MEAT MATTERS 2020 CONFERENCE The NAHF attended the SA Feedlot Association’s Virtual Conference this morning. Speakers included: Dr. John Grewar from JData-The importance of Compartmentalisation, Traceability, Surveillance, Public-Private Partnership (PPP), reviewing systems already in place, and doing a pilot project within the industry. Dr. Shaun Morris from Octavoscene-The […]

Stakeholders – Signed copy of the Bovine Brucellosis Policy document

Stakeholders – Signed copy of the Bovine Brucellosis Policy document Please find here the letter and signed copy of the  Bovine Brucellosis Policy document: Letter – Signed Brucellosis Policy document_stakeholders_final (1) Signed Bovine Brucellosis Policy_16 July 2020 Follow the link to the DALRRD website for Brucellosis information:  

Dok Faffa-RPO Video-Animal Health-2020-07-15

Please find here the link for the video produced by Brand Republic for the Red Meat Producers Organisation-Dok Faffa gives a quick update on animal health in the red meat sector: Video-Dok Faffa-RPO-Animal Health Thank You Dok Faffa!