Antibiotic Resistance

U.S. FDA’s New Video on Anti-Parasitic Resistance-2017-10-06

Please see here the video released from the FDA’s center for Veterinary Medicine: Small ruminant management, due to the development of FAMACHA scoring, has a huge advantage over cattle in saving costs, de-wormer lifetimes, and in genetic selection. See here video on the Duddingtonia:



On the 21st of September the Freestate Animal Health Forum CPD Event was hosted in Bloemfontein at the Leopards and Lace Venue. The Freestate AHF was represented by the RPO, Freestate Department of Veterinary Services, Private Veterinarians, CCS Vets, Farmers, Production Industries. The Freestate AHF hosted their quarterly meeting in […]

Protecting Against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria-2017-09-18

Protecting Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria September 13, 2017   Antibiotics have long been used to treat disease by slowing down or destroying the growth of bacteria. Some bacteria, however, are able to develop a resistance to the antibiotics once used to treat them.   Resistance   When bacteria are antibiotic resistant, […]

FDA Proposes New Measures of Antibiotic Use-2017-08-18

 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is publishing a paper proposing the use of a biomass denominator to adjust annual data on the amount of antimicrobial’s sold or distributed for use in food-producing animals in the United States. See here the link to the Bovine Vet Online: