OBP Product Availability Report – 2020-01-23

The Onderstepoort Biological Products Facility has committed to inform the NAHF members on their product availability and general communication on a monthly basis. See here the reports and communication for January 2020: Communique Brucella REV 1 Media statement- Rift Valley Fever vaccination Product availability Jan 2020 Product availability Dec 2019 […]


The NAHF supports the frequent reporting of the disease status in areas. Please see here the RuVASA-DAFF reporting system: Alternatively visit the RuVASA website:¬†https://ruvasa.co.za/disease-report-2019/ Disease Reporting December 2019: Disease report Desember 2019 – Summary Maps – December 2019 Disease Reporting November 2019: Disease report November 2019 – Summary Maps – […]

ASF Update 13 December 2019

Please find here the latest update on the African Swine Fever: 2019-12-13 South Africa ASF update 2019-11-29 South Africa ASF update 2019-11-04 South Africa ASF update 2019-09-30 South Africa ASF update MEDIA STATEMENT 2019-09-06 South Africa ASF update 2019-08-12 South Africa ASF update 2019-07-12 South Africa ASF update We thank DAFF […]

Northern Cape Animal Health Forum CPD Event 2019-11-26-27

The NAHF together with the partnership with Afrivet hosted the Northern Cape Animal Health Forum CPD Event in Kimberly and Upington on Wednesday and Thursday 26-26 November. We had 50 members in attendance. We thank the Northern Cape AHF and For a very successful CPD Event. See here some snippets […]