Bovine Brucellosis Radio Sonder Grense Recordings

Prof Darrel Abernethy informs the public about the way forward of Brucellosis       Mr Albert Loubser informs the public on the importance of the media informing on Brucellosis     Dr Gerhard Neethling informed the public on abattoirs and meat safety regarding Brucellosis.     Dr Stephen Hughes informs the […]

Updated Brucellosis Manual

Letter from the Director of Animal Health updated-br-and-tb-manuals-2016 brucellosis-in-cattle-interim-manual-for-the-veterinarian-aht-sept2016_signed

A Dozen Things To Know About Bovine Brucellosis

After the drafting of the Veterinary Strategy decision was made to use Brucellosis as the model disease regarding the control of animal disease in South Africa. A meeting was called to establish who would be working on the disease control model whereby decision was taken to compile various documents for […]

RSG Brucellosis Talk

Lise Roberts vind uit oor die voorkoming en behandeling van Brucellose. Sy vind ook uit hoe om ‘n tonnelboerdery te begin. Luister hier: