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#BrakesonBrucellosis | Have You Tested?

  Veterinarians and para-veterinarians are at high risk of acquiring brucellosis infection, e.g. whilst assisting in the birthing process of infected cows and handling infected calving material and aborted fetuses (calves). This is why it is important for Veterinarians and para-veterinarians to understand the risks and wear the appropriate personal […]


  If these animals remain in the herd, they continue to spread the infection silently to the rest of the herd and this causes economic and production losses. The best way to identify and limit brucellosis in your herd is to vaccinate heifers, test the herd, and slaughter test positive […]

Brucellosis Campaign: WHAT IS BRUCELLOSIS? #BrakesonBrucellosis

There are several different strains of Brucella bacteria and they can infect basically all mammals.Brucella abortus, which preferably infects cows is known as Bovine Brucellosis. Brucellosis in humans occurs when a person comes into contact with an animal or animal product infected with the Brucella bacteria. #Brucellosis #SAVC #AnimalHealth #HealthFacts […]


MEDIA STATEMENT MINISTER DIDIZA ANNOUNCES THE OUTBREAK OF BRUCELLOSIS IN KWAZULU-NATAL 18 NOVEMBER 2020 The Minister of Agriculture, Land reform and Rural Development, Ms Thoko Didiza (MP), has been made aware by the MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development in KwaZulu-Natal, Ms Bongi Sithole-Moloi (MPL), of the outbreak of brucellosis […]

VETEXPO AFRICA 2020 | 7-8 October

See here the link to the info and registration of the VET EXPO: Get ahead of the game and prepare for The Vet Expo Africa 2020 to save yourself time and get the most out of your event. It’s easy to access the event content and connect with the […]