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AGBIZ-Directives issued by line ministers-Transport-30 March 2020

The Minister of Transport has amended the Directives on Public Transport. These amendments are crucial for agribusinesses as it will affect the transport of employees involved in essential services. Please find here the updated directives supplied by AGBIZ: 20200331 -Agbiz mail to members See here the template permit to perform […]

Agri SA COVID-19 Bulletin-31 March 2020

See here the Agri SA Website portal: Agri SA COVID-19 War Room Portal with information: Contact the provincial or commodity organisation where you hold membership to obtain the information and forms here: Economics and Trade: Labour and Development: Some workplaces will remain open during the 21-day […]


COVID-19 IN A NUTSHELL Implementation Framework to ensure that all our country Men and Women and others across the world have access to healthy food whilst ensuring the health and wellbeing of our Employees: See here the document supplied by the Agri Limpopo: COVID-19 IN A NUTSHELL DC20200327 REV1 20200330 […]