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Antibiotic Use in Food Producing Animals-2017-12-21

See here the online article of the meta-analysis of restricting the use of antibiotic use in food animals and its impact on ABR in food animals and humans supplied by Hailey Eagar from Boeringer Ingelheim and the Association for Veterinary Consultants.    

Global Salmonella Resistome Data-2017-11-20

See here an interactive tool to track antibiotic resistance genes called the Resistome Tracker. The tool is available to the public and provides visualizations by antibiotic drug class, compares resistance genes across different sources, and maps resistance genes to geographic region.

FIDSA Site for AMR Awareness Tools-2017-11-03

See here the link to the Federation for Infectious Diseases Societies Southern Africa Site:   Tools include the following posters: Misuse of antibiotics 2 Responsible use



Dr Liezel Wasserman, Dr Didi Janse van Rensburg and Mrs Werna Venter talks on the awareness of Rabies. We support the Carli Rooivlag Rabies Campaign for the vaccination of all susceptible animals and children who come into contact with possible rabies infected animals. Please see here the publication from the […]