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World Wildlife Day-WRSA shares-2018-03-10

Did you know that Cape Mountain Zebra was very close to extinction about 80 years ago? Celebrating #WildlifeinSA on #WorldWildlifeDay   Wildlife Ranching South Africa | Wildbedryf Suid-Afrika                           Today’s message and meme obmn social media   […]


The NAHF supports the frequent reporting of the disease status in areas. Please see here the RuVASA-DAFF reporting system: Alternatively visit the RuVASA website: Here is the monthly disease reporting form: form-Monthly-disease-report-form-2017-1 The biggest challenges has been: Wireworm and especially resistant strains. Blue ticks and resistant blue ticks Sheep […]

Brucella Jan-Jun2017


See here the link to the DAFF Website for the updated list of the DAFF Accredited Laboratories: See here the link to the SANAS website for the SANAS Accredited Laboratories: Directory of Accredited Facilities

Landbou Weekliks-2018-02-12

The new Landbou Weekliks airs every week on Channel 147. Ivor Price deserves a golden medal for his presentation. Tuesday: 19:30 Wednesday: 07:30 Thursday: 13:00 Saturday: 07:00 Sunday: 07:00  

OBP Product Availability Report – 2018-02-01

The Onderstepoort Biological Products Facility has committed to inform the NAHF members on their product availability on a monthly basis. See here the report for February: Product availability Feb 2018 We thank OBP for their commitment in strengthening the communication with stakeholders. See here the availability of Bluetongue communication: SKMBT_36318020814470