The NAHF supports the frequent reporting of the disease status in areas. Please see here the RuVASA-DAFF reporting system:

Alternatively visit the RuVASA website: http://ruvasa.co.za/disease-reporting/

Here is the monthly disease reporting form:


The biggest challenges has been:

Wireworm and especially resistant strains.

Blue ticks and resistant blue ticks

Sheep scab

Bovine Brucellosis

Bov Brucellosis 2016

Brucella Jan-Jun2017

Ram’s disease


Johne’s disease

Asiatic red water


New problem is cryptosporidiosis (2017)


Blue tongue

Lumpy skin disease

BMC (snotsiekte)


Biggest problem is farmer’s not vaccinating.



Cold – huge losses

Vendor’s declarations

Waiting for heartwater and BMC vaccine


Rift Valley Fever

Foot and mouth disease


Farmers and veterinarians not reporting controlled and notifiable diseases (see list on NAHF website)

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