Daily Archives: 21 November 2016

Limpopo Animal Health Forum

Please find here the media release from the Limpopo AHF meeting & CPD Event held on the 9th of November 2016: media-lahf-2016-11-10   Additionally find here the article written for the Landbou Weekblad. http://landbou.com/nuus/limpopo-vat-dieregesondheid-vas/

OBP-RVF Vaccine Availability

OBP confirmed that sufficient (Live & Inactivated) vaccine is available. They have requested that all entities need to order as soon as possible. They will be closing for the festive season from the 19th of December to the 9th of January 2017.

OJD Vendor Declaration

Prof Gareth Bath together with the Wool industries compiled a vendor declaration to be used by the owners. This will insure BUYER BEWARE. vendor-declaration-ojd-updated-may-2015 vendor-deklarasie

Acts affecting livestock production and animal health

ANIMAL DISEASE ACT, NO. 35 OF 1984 animal-diseases-act ANIMAL HEALTH ACT, NO. 7 OF 2002 animal-health-act MEAT SAFETY ACT, NO. 40 OF 2000 meat-safety-act FERTILIZERS, FARM FEEDS, AGRICULTURAL REMEDIES AND STOCK REMEDIES ACT NO. 36 OF 1947 act-36-of-1947 VETERINARY AND PARA-VETERINARY PROFESSIONS ACT NO. 771 OF 2013 veterinary-and-para-veterinary-professions-amendment-bill ANIMAL IDENTIFICATION ACT […]

Antibiotic Resistance

A long-time veterinarian calls on his experience and research to refute people who want to blame livestock for antibiotic resistance. http://www.bovinevetonline.com/community/veterinarian-speaks-out-antibiotic