Monthly Archives: August 2017

Limpopo Animal Health Forum CPD Event-2017-08-29

The Limpopo Animal Health Forum recently hosed their CPD event: The day was opened with a meeting lead by the Chairman of the Limpopo AHF Mr Willem van Jaarsveld Various matters were discussed including: FMD Report, CA (Brucellosis) Report, Malignant Catarrhal Fever (Snotsiekte) Report, Buffalo VPN Update, Corridor Disease & Tuberculosis (TB), Border Status, Animal Identification, Compensation under […]

Eastern Cape Animal Health Forum CPD-2017-08-24

The Eastern Cape AHF CPD event was held on the 24th of August and was well attended.   Started out with the welcoming – Chairman Eastern Cape AHF (Francois du Toit)  The Chairman from the NAHF- Dr. Pieter Vervoort gave a presentation on the NAHF and what the objectives are for the […]

FDA Proposes New Measures of Antibiotic Use-2017-08-18

 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is publishing a paper proposing the use of a biomass denominator to adjust annual data on the amount of antimicrobial’s sold or distributed for use in food-producing animals in the United States. See here the link to the Bovine Vet Online:

Northern Cape AHF CPD Event-2017-08-11

The Northern Cape recently hosted their CPD event in Kimberly on 7 August and Upington on 8 August.   The event was supported well by the Department and the Speakers included: Introduction and Welcome –Northern Cape AHF (Mr. Koning Scholtz) Overview of the NAHF – Chairman of the NAHF (Dr. […]

Simultaneous CA Campaign in Commercial & Communal Farming areas-2017-08-11

SIMULTANEOUS BOVINE CA (BRUCELLOSIS) ERADICATION CAMPAIGN IN ADJACENT COMMERCIAL AND COMMUNAL FARMING AREAS IN THE EASTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA. Find here the paper written on the CA (Brucellosis) Erradication Campaign in the Eastern Cape From AS Grobbelaar (CAHT-Queenstown) and AD Fisher (SV-Queenstown) from the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian […]