Antibiotic Guardian Info-Commercial 2018-10-15

See here the message from Dr Adrian Brink from Ampath:

Dear SAASP working group & colleagues


With the amazing support of British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and Diane Ashiru-Oredope particularly, we are nearly ready to formally launch Antibiotic Guardian pledge site for SA (in time for WAAW 2018 in November).

Our Minister of Health has approved all pledges and while instructions for NDOH is being prepared for national provincial distribution concurrent to private sector HCWs, we are awaiting for official support from DAFF.


In the mean time, I urgently need your assistance please as per below.

To refine SA site and detect and report troubleshooting I need you to to peruse website as participants in semi-formal feedback period

Its really doesn’t take long to make a pledge and fill in your detail

The opening page will have a locally made video sponsored by FIDSSA in Jan/Feb 2019 showing those future heroes/generations in the photo:

See the website link here:

Once completed do you mind accessing the following survey? Its only 2 pages where you can provide feedback and comment on problems encountered: