Bovine Brucellosis Radio Sonder Grense Recordings

Prof Darrel Abernethy informs the public about the way forward of Brucellosis




Mr Albert Loubser informs the public on the importance of the media informing on Brucellosis



Dr Gerhard Neethling informed the public on abattoirs and meat safety regarding Brucellosis.



Dr Stephen Hughes informs the public on biosecurity, awareness and prevention of Bovine Brucellosis.


Dr Danie Odendaal informs the public about the economic implications regarding Brucellosis outbreak on the farm.



Dr Sewellyn Davey explains the steps to take regarding the preventions Brucellosis disease outbreak on your farm and the importance of biosecurity on the farm.





Dr Pieter Vervoort explains the role the National Animal Health Forum plays with The Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries regarding the Veterinary Strategy model disease: Brucellosis.


Dr Alicia Cloete informs about the Disease Bovine Brucellosis which are caused by a bacteria called: Brucella abortus


Mr Butch van Blerk explains to the public about their consumer rights/consumer protection act against Brucellosis


Dr Sewellyn Davey informs the public on the steps to take after an outbreak has been confirmed in the herd.


Dr Santjie Ferreira informs the public of her personal experience with an outbreak of Bovine Brucellosis.


Prof Dietmar Holm informs the public on the dangers of selling and buying cattle from infected herds.



Dr Frans Banting informs the public on the zoonosis of Brucellosis.