Disease Reports and Maps-December 2021: Disease report Desember 2021 Summary final Maps – December 2021 Disease Reports and Maps-November 2021: Disease report November 2021 Summary Maps – November 2021 Disease Reports and Maps-October 2021: Disease report October 2021 Summary Maps – October 2021 Disease Reports and Maps-September 2021: Disease report […]

DOK FAFFA | MT Steynprys vir Natuurwetenskaplike en Tegnologie vir 2021

DOK FAFFA | MT Steynprys vir Natuurwetenskaplike en Tegnologie vir 2021 Die Raad van die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns het die MT Steynprys vir Natuurwetenskaplike en Tegnologie vir 2021 aan die bekende dieregesondheidveearts, dr Francois (Fafa) Malan toegeken. Dié prestigeprys word toegeken aan “‘n persoon vir sy/haar skeppende […]

#BrakesonBrucellosis-Prevention for the Veterinarian and Para-Veterinarian

Veterinarians or para-veterinary professionals should take the necessary precautions when handling any animal that may potentially be infected with Brucellosis, e.g. a cow from a positive or unknown status herd that has aborted or that requires calving assistance. Wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) including shoulder-length disposable plastic gloves, […]

#BrakesonBrucellosis-Is the consumer at risk for contracting Brucellosis?

Pasteurised dairy products are safe from Brucellosis. Raw dairy products from Brucellosis infected herds are not safe. If you are uncertain about the safety of your dairy products, boil the raw milk for 10 to 15 seconds before consumption or processing into cheese or other dairy products. #BrakesonBrucellosis #CollaborateTestVaccinate #Brucellosis […]


  All infected cattle sent to an abattoir must be accompanied by a Red Cross permit from the state veterinarian. Farmers should ensure that the abattoir accepts Brucella-positive cattle. These cattle should only be slaughtered with special precautions at the end of a day’s slaughtering and the abattoir must be […]

#BrakesonBrucellosis-Farmer Responsibility

The only person who can protect your herd from Brucellosis is you. When buying cattle, you should insist on vaccination records and recent herd tests from the farm of origin. The seller must be able to prove that the heifers were vaccinated, and the herd of origin tested negative for […]