Compulsory Community Services Veterinarians Applications

The CCS Applications have unfortunately already closed for 2017, but please see here the applications for 2018 & 2019.

2018: application-for-approval-of-a-place-for-ccs

2019: copy-of-application-for-approval-of-a-place-for-ccs-2019

Work plan: draft-workplan-document

For all interested registered facilities, please find attached the CCS place application form for 2019 as well as an example work plan. When applying to be a CCS place, please be reminded that there is a restricted number of veterinarians graduating annually, making it impossible to approve each application received, but please feel free to apply.

Please send the following completed documents to, (in copy) and (in copy):

(1) The MS excel application form as received from DAFF

  • completed electronically
  • each question completed fully
  • unsigned soft copy

(2) The signed scanned application form

  • PDF preferred

(3) The MS word work plan proposed for the veterinarian

  • word document
  • customised (all components of the table as needed) according to the post being applied for


Applications close on the 30th January 2017 at 17:00. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the complete application has been received.


  • For applications submitted previously, please indicate if DAFF should continue using the application or if it should be withdrawn.
  • For applications to be used again, please indicate if the same application should be used or send updated information where necessary.


The DAFF email size limit is 4MB so anything bigger than that will not be received.

If no written acknowledgement of receipt is received by the closing time your application will not be considered.

You are welcome to share this information with any interested parties who have not received the application documents and may require a CCS veterinarian

Should you have any questions please make contact with the DAFF colleagues at the same addresses as for the applications.

Kind regards

Dr Donnia Wnuczek-Lobaczewski

State Veterinarian

Directorate Veterinary Public Health

Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries

Telephone: 012 319 7537