Guidelines on the Implementation of the Antimicrobial Strategy in South Africa-2017-07-14

Please find here the: Guidelines on the Implementation of the Antimicrobial Strategy in South Africa: One Health Approach & Governance Compiled by the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance-National Department of Health and Affordable Medicines Directorate

South Africa pledged its commitment to the World Health Assembly resolution EB134/37 “Combating antimicrobial resistance including antibiotic resistance”, adopted in May 2014 to develop a National Action Plan (NAP) on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). By October 2014 our Antimicrobial Resistance National Strategic Framework, 2014-2024 (AMR Strategic Framework)1 was developed and launched with the commitment of most of the key stakeholders within the human and animal health; agriculture; as well as science and technology sectors; to support interventions to combat antimicrobial resistance in the country. The AMR Strategic Framework, defines South Africa’s approach to manage AMR and limit further increases in resistant microbial infections, and improve patient outcomes and livestock production and health. The vision is “to ensure the appropriate use of antimicrobials by healthcare and animal health professionals in all health establishments in South Africa to conserve the efficacy of antimicrobials for the optimal management of infections in human and animal health”.

Antimicrobial Stewardship Guidelines – Governance_June2017