Laboratories Testing For Brucellosis-2017-04-03

We thank Dr. Grietjie de Klerk for information on Brucella testing.

It is so important that we all keep VET moving in all our areas

V = Vaccination

E = Education

T = Test

See here updated list of laboratories doing testing on Brucellosis

Laboratories that may do Brucella tests

See here the message from Dr Grietjie de Klerk

“We do DAFF approval after SANAS accreditation and the information is available on our website. It is explained in the attached document.  Should you prefer a list of SANAS accredited laboratories, please visit the SANAS website.

Private laboratories were not really interested in Brucellosis testing before as the State Veterinary Laboratories conducted the tests for free and therefore there was no demand for tests at private laboratories that clients had to pay for. This might change quickly if clients are willing to pay private laboratories. All that private laboratories have to do if they already have SANAS accreditation is to expand their scope and get accredited for Brucellosis tests. They can thereafter apply for DAFF approval (still free of charge)”.

I hope that this will help