LETS TALK PORK-SAPPO Dialogue-Monthly Update 2018-05-23

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Pork Dialogue


Dear SAPPO member

Since our previous update early in May the trade has reported a steady increase in demand for fresh pork. We hope that our promotion and other communication campaigns will result in producer prices increasing to more “acceptable” levels soon.

Further good news is that the trade also reports an increase in the demand for processed products (see news about SAMPA’s campaign below). Media enquiries about listeriosis and reporting on the subject have clearly slowed down (detail will follow in our e-newsletter, SAPPO News, next week).

SAPPO’s marketing team is still constantly promoting fresh pork in consumer magazines and on various digital platforms. There are also exciting new retail promotions ahead. At the end of May, we will conduct a promotion with Shoprite, one with Checkers at the end of June and one with Woolworths at the end of July. All of these will be national campaigns, supported by in-store promotions.

SAPPO will also as from next week conduct a digital campaign with the consumer magazines Move!, True Love and Drum. The campaign will focus on the positive aspects of fresh pork and will include pork recipes, cooking tips and the like.

ABSA has generously volunteered to sponsor a YouTube video on pork and listeriosis. Prof. Pieter Gouws from the University of Stellenbosch, an expert on the subject, will conduct an interview about pork and listeriosis in the ABSA in-house DVD studio next week. This DVD will go live on YouTube. SAPPO will also request other role players to publish the DVD on their social media and other digital platforms.

In the meantime, the PR company, Joe Public, is conducting an aggressive campaign on behalf of SAMPA to promote processed meat products on various platforms to various audiences such as the government, consumers and the media.

The campaign includes platforms such as:
•    Radio;
•    SAMPA advertorials in publications such as Rapport, Beeld, Sunday Times, City Press and the Daily Sun;
•   Media interviews with prominent decision-makers. Key interviews include: Talk Radio 702, Business Day, Sowetan, Rapport, Afro World View (formerly ANN7), and eNCA;
•   Stakeholder engagement  The SAMPA Category Rebuild Committee has engaged government and other priority stakeholders at the highest level on behalf of its members. The following departments and organisations, among others, have been engaged: The Department of Health (DoH), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) and the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA).

SAMPA’s interventions are ongoing and the Category Rebuild Strategy remains a key priority, says Joe Public.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and help where needed during the listeriosis crisis. Pork producers again showed their character by making plans and tackling the challenge head on.

Yours Sincerely
Johann Kotzé





Dear SAPPO member

It seems that the listeriosis tide is turning, with most retail groups reporting an increase in demand for fresh pork. Our campaigns with retailers, as well as our aggressive advertising, are definitely moving fresh pork.

I’ve had several media interviews this week. It is estimated that our free exposure on radio and television is worth at least R5 million. I was interviewed by Good Morning Live (SABC), Grootplaas (kykNET), and Nasie in Gesprek with James Jenkinson and CP Kriek (kykNET).  Click here for the Grootplaas interview: https://agriorbit.com/listeriose-kan-varkprodusente-se-beursies-tap/. I was also interviewed by Saturday Star and Sunday Times. Marieta was interviewed by SA Chefs Monthly, an influential publication subscribed to by restauranteurs, hoteliers and chefs.

We’ve also had interviews with many radio stations, among others, RSG, Ukhozi Radio (Zulu) and Umhlobo Wenene (Xhosa). Lennox Thom, SAPPO’s brand ambassador at the Stokvel events who also assists with SAPPO’S township promotions, handled the Zulu and Xhosa interviews. These radio interviews were conducted to address and reposition the most frequent objections against eating pork into positive messages, aimed at consumers in the LSM groups 4 and 5, and form part of SAPPO’S latest radio advertising campaign. The radio stations Thobela FM (North Sotho) and Lesedi FM (Sesotho) are also included in the campaign.

The marketing team also arranged for 90-minute “infomercials to be aired on all the above stations, where an interviewer asks questions about pork, and the correct answers are given, including an explanation of the benefits of South African pork. Marieta will be interviewed during the next three weeks on Sekgosese FM, one of the biggest community radio stations in Limpopo. Advertorials with the same positive messages about fresh pork will appear in the Limpopo community publications My Pride and Kasie Focus during the same time frame.

SAPPO’s new television advertisement was broadcast for the first time this week on eTV and SABC 1 and 2. The current television and radio campaigns will run for two weeks. “We have chosen the scenarios, dialogue and execution of the TV advertisement carefully in order for SAPPO’s target market groups in LSMs 4 and 5 to relate to our message,” says Marieta.

The TV commercial shows a young, female chef working in a restaurant kitchen, choosing fresh South African pork. When the chef goes home to her own family, their choice is also fresh South African pork.

We are still receiving significant publicity (at discounted rates) in consumer magazines and on their digital platforms. This complements the advertorial space purchased in various publications.  Almost all the consumer publications that SAPPO has done business with have shown substantial goodwill towards our industry.

Click here to access the latest Taste Magazine‘s advertorial, “Grab a tjoppie”. https://taste.co.za/5-top-tips-cooking-perfect-pork-chops/

Meanwhile, the PR agency Joe Public is conducting an extensive radio campaign on behalf of SAMPA to promote processed pork. All in all, we are pulling out all stops to promote fresh pork and it seems that we are slowly but surely winning the listeriosis war.

Yours Sincerely
Johann Kotzé
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