Limpopo Animal Health Forum CPD Event-2017-08-29

The Limpopo Animal Health Forum recently hosed their CPD event:

The day was opened with a meeting lead by the Chairman of the Limpopo AHF Mr Willem van Jaarsveld


Various matters were discussed including: FMD Report, CA (Brucellosis) Report, Malignant Catarrhal Fever (Snotsiekte) Report, Buffalo VPN Update, Corridor Disease & Tuberculosis (TB), Border Status, Animal Identification, Compensation under the Animal Diseases Act, Stock and Game Theft Prevention Forum Limpopo.

Dr Lukas Mampane the Director of Veterinary Services in Limpopo informed the members of the Veterinary Strategy / Animal health status in Limpopo – A regular report from Limpopo Vet Services (LVS) is presented to the meeting to keep stakeholders informed on issues:


After the meeting was adjourned the CPD event started with the presentation from Dr Pieter Vervoort the chairman of the NAHF:


He focused on the objectives of the NAHF which includes the protection and improvement on animal health of the whole national livestock herd in order to produce sustainable livestock production and maintain national and international market access. He explained that after the PVS report was released there were some matters that needed to be addressed from an industry point of view and thus the NAHF took responsibility to drive the processes.  Some of the projects that are being driven on a full time basis includes: Brucella- Brucella steering committee, Animal ID & Movement Registration, Compensation – compensation committee, Buffalo VPN, Heartwater Vaccine Committee, AMR, CCS, Border – Animal Disease Control Fence, Vaccine availability, Cooperation – Focus is on the provinces, Meat safety. He informed that the Provincial Animal Health Forums has formed the pivotal point of the assistance to government regarding the Veterinary Strategy that derived from the PVS report.

Dr Maryke Henton from Vet Diagnostix Laboratory has done years of research on E. coli and Cryptosporidium in ruminants and she informed the members through her presentation:


She gave a brief explanation on what the two entities entailed and what need to be observed in order to treat them effectively. She explained how they are identified and what techniques are used in the laboratory for the different types. She informed the members of the vaccines that have been developed and what test are available.

Dr Danie Odendaal gave a presentation on the systems that he has developed regarding disease reporting and the remote veterinary support developed for farmers.


He explained the importance of disease reporting in the different areas of the country. His farm support program will assist farmers with disease prevention and a healthy herd with a system that is cost effective and easy to use.


Prof Moritz van Vuuren informed the attendees of the Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics and Antibiotic Stewardship and what it means for the National Livestock herd. He informed that all Member States of the WHO and OIE have committed their countries to develop National Action Plans for the control of resistance based on the WHO/FAO/OIE tripartite alliance’s Global Action Plan for AMR that was published in 2015. All major national and international organizations dealing with the welfare of humans, animals and the environment are in agreement that AMR is one of the biggest risks for mankind and is placed in the same risk category as climate change and overpopulation. He further asked that Veterinarians and animal producers must make behavior changes with respect to the prescription and use of antibiotics

– We all have to use less antibiotics!

– We have to focus on measures to limit transmission of resistance

Proven countermeasures to diminish AMR are available for immediate action in animal husbandry



Dr Faffa Malan had a very entertaining talk on the Brucellosis as a Model for the Veterinary Strategy.  He specifically raised the application of a Vendor Declaration as important in the prevention of disease spread and insuring the health of everyone’s herds.




Overall the Limpopo AHF CPD day was received well and we had a record 85 colleagues attending!!! The NAHF want to thank the Limpopo Veterinary Services and local farmers for their support and attendance. A massive thank you to MSD for making the day possible and to Wilma for sharing the information booklets from the RPO.