Council received information on movement control which we were requested to distribute.  Please refer to the details below.

Dr Clive Marwick, President SAVC

Movement into the controlled area is only allowed under specific conditions, and is regulated according to the Animal Diseases Act, therefore illegal movement is in fact a criminal act.

Secondly to do health certification outside of the protocol (eg in the wrong passport, or a horse under 40 days post vaccination, or for a horse that does not have a passport) is also a criminal act, as it is in contravention of the Animal Diseases Act. It is also deemed unprofessional behavior, and therefore an offence that can and in fact should be reported to council. It is your responsibility as the vet certifying something to ensure that you know what you are certifying.

Attached are the requirements for movement of an equine into the AHS controlled area in a summarized diagram. This is specifically for movement from infected area into controlled area.

Please find the links regarding movement control for your attention and distribution.

http://Basic requirements for all horse movements





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The link for the map to show the controlled areas:

Contact information of the relevant person involved:

Dr Camilla Mehtar-Weyer BVSC, MSc DAFF authorized Veterinarian (Ref: 1/2/1/7/8) State Vet Boland authorized Veterinarian (Movement Control and Equine Disease Surveillance) and Research Officer Equine Research Centre Cape Town Cell: 076 152 2782 Fax: 086 558 9818