NAHF-RMRD Workshop on Planning for Future Research and Development on red meat and animal health-2019-08-06

The NAHF together with the Red Meat Research and Development SA held a workshop to work on the planning for future research and development for red meat and animal health.

The workshop was well attended with top academics, veterinarians and industry stakeholders.

The goal for the day was to:

  • Identify 3 projects
  • Relevant to current and future scenarios in Red Meat Production sector
  • Cross-cutting with other Programmes is possible

Elements to consider:

  1.  Animal Welfare
  2.  Animal-Pathogen-Environment interactions (including climate change)
  3.  Diagnostics
  4.  Disease control strategies

Here are some snippets from the day:

20190806_105827[1] 20190806_105817[1]