PRESS RELEASE | Reopening of livestock auctions welcomed by RPO | 12 July 2021


The RPO welcomes the announcement made by the honorable President of South Africa, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, on admitting livestock auctions.
Regulation 21 (13) of Government Gazette 11306 of 11 July 2021 stipulates that gatherings at agricultural and game auctions are permitted subject to the strict observance of health protocols.
The RPO, together with other role players in the industry, worked very hard behind the scenes to solicit and motivate the reopening of livestock auctions.
“We are grateful and will work very hard to implement and apply the new biosecurity measures at auctions”, said Mr. Koos van der Ryst. Livestock auctions remain the lifeline of the livestock farmer and the developing livestock farmer – also in terms of the pricing mechanism and are critically essential for the industry.

Reopening of livestock auctions welcomed

Heropening van lewendehawe veilings verwelkom