Public Comment-SABS SANS 10386 ED2: Animals used for Scientific Purposes-2018-10-22

Please note that the SANS 10368 The care and use of animals for scientific purposes (it is a comprehensive document of 330 pages) has been posted on the SABS website for a public comment period of 60 days, starting today until 26 November 2018. It is important that wide public comment is gathered and your input will be highly appreciated. Please feel free to forward the link (below) to any other persons you think will be affected by this standard. It will include animals used in research, testing, teaching and education (including schools).

You can request the standard from the page of the SABS Draft South African Standards (DSS) list:

The details of this specific draft standard is on the 3rd page of this list.

You must click the link at the top of the page to “obtain a copy”.  Then you have to register as a user.

You will need the name of the standard: SANS 10386 (2018-09-27) The care and use of animals for scientific purposes

I assume we will fall in the “Food and Health” industry category.

The link to the SABS commenting template is available from the hyperlink (screen print below). It will be active in the copy of the DSS you obtained.

Due to copy right limitations one can unfortunately not forward the document itself.