SA Feedlot Association-MEAT MATTERS-Conference 2020


The NAHF attended the SA Feedlot Association’s Virtual Conference this morning.

Speakers included:

Dr. John Grewar from JData-The importance of Compartmentalisation, Traceability, Surveillance, Public-Private Partnership (PPP), reviewing systems already in place, and doing a pilot project within the industry.

Dr. Shaun Morris from Octavoscene-The veterinary perspective of getting the systems in place to start working towards compartmentalization.

Dr. Mpho Maja (Director Animal Health) from DALRRD-The possibilities for the industry to flourish with systems of compartmentalization in place to contain diseases and to ensure trade.

Dr. Sifiso Ntombela (Chief Economist) from NAMC-Believes that compartments will have a positive spillover into the economy.

Mr. Martin Cameron Economist for Trade Advisory-Believes that every industry and organization should have an export strategy in place and that the COVID 19 situation has ensured the possibility for industries to consider alternative partners.

See here the link to the full conference: