The Red Meat Industry Workshop-2017-03-27

The Red meat Industry Workshop was held on the 16th of March 2017 at the Agricultural Research Counsel

Please find here the RMI Report on the Workshop

Report on Red Meat Industry workshop of 16 March 2017

Where it started: “The Red Meat Industry Workshop held in 2016 at the Stockman School established broad consensus amongst the participants present that the red meat industry and the consumer could benefit from a systematic strategic industry upgrade. It further concluded that strategic interventions will be vital to differentiate the core product and move away from meat being a commodity. Establishing a sustainable and profitable strategy will unlock future value for the whole value chain; the introduction of the new initiatives will become essential to improve the competitiveness of the SA red meat industry in the world market.”

The theme for the workshop was: Unlocking value for the every actor in the SA red meat industry and becoming a world class compeditor.

Speakers at the Workshop included:

The Honorable Minister of DAFF Mr Senzeni Zokwana

Mr Don Heatley the former chair of Meat and Livestock Australia and member of the Cattle Council of Australia

Dr John Purchase the CEO of Agbiz

Mr Rico Basson the Executive Director of VinPro

Prof Johan Willemse well known agricultural economist and column writer on agricultural markets and economics

Mr Dave Osborne from the SA Pork Producers Organization

Dr Shadrack Moephuli the president and CEO of the ARC

After the discussions from the various speakers the Workshop attendees were divided into 6 groups. The groups were tasked to give feedback on various statements. Some of the points included:

Will the producer organizations be willing to contribute financially to support strategies that will take the industry forward?

Anxiety about safety, security and business certainty should be significantly reduced through consistent policy deployment.

Industry and government should form effective public-private partnerships to consistently deliver on the veterinary services country wide

Which in turn valuable feedback was given from each of the groups. The overall feeling was that the workshop supplied the necessary information from the various role players in order to move forward with a better understanding of what will be needed for the industries development. The various organizers were thanked for an extremely informative and successful day!