VPN and Addendum for the Export of Beef to China-2017-05-24

DAFF recently sent out a request to all stakeholders to assist them in comment on the VPN and addendum for export of Beef to China.

See here the attachments and please assist DAFF in the comments:

002-VPN cattle and sheep 2017-05-18

03版:Veterinary health certificate for export of beef to China 2017-01-13

Addendum A – Requirements for export of beef to China 2017-05-18

Beef Protocol

South African Residue Programme_2017

We have attached the first Draft VPN/02/2017-08; “Cattle and Sheep registered unit for exports of animal products (split system)” and Addendum A; “Requirements for registration of farms, feedlots, abattoirs, cutting plants and cold stores for the exportation of beef from South Africa to China” for your comments.


The VPN is intended to contain the general requirements for a split system in order to facilitate exports of animal products taking into consideration mainly the EU requirements. The Addendums will contain the requirements for a specific commodity and country which are not covered in the main VPN.  Addendum A contains the requirements specifically for the export of beef to China and should please be read together with the signed Protocol and Health Certificate (attached for easy reference); please note that protocol is NOT under discussion as it has been signed.


The draft residue monitoring programme, which has been drawn up according to the requirements of China, has also been attached for your comments.


Please send all comments to CarolineG@daff.gov.za and ElmarieV@daff.gov.za, by 20 June 2017 – please make sure that all comments submitted are scientifically supported and whenever possible attach your reference material.


Please note that the formatting of the document will be finalised after all the comments have been received and included in the document.


We look forward to your reply.