The Department of Health, Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Developments and the National Regulator for Compulsory Specification, as Competent Authorities responsible for Food Safety and Control, have in collaboration with the food industry, scientific organizations and industry experts, planned a series events and activities through online and virtual platforms, including social media, with the aim to celebrate the World Food Safety Day, 2020 and to inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne health risks. The detailed programme will be made available on the websites of the mentioned departments and organizations.

Key stakeholders in the agricultural sector will be hosting the webinar on Tuesday 2 June at 14h00 with the purpose to share information and generate discussions, as well as provide practical advice ensuring safe and nutritious food to all. The focus of this webinar will be the agricultural sector and key issues in food safety.

Objectives of the webinar: Food safety – everyone’s business

This webinar will support the national World Food Safety Day 2020 programme. This webinar will outline the Agricultural sector in ensuring safe food for all South Africans.

This is in line with the WHO Call to action: Grow it safe  Grow it safe – Agriculture and food producers need to adopt good practices

Target audience: Everyone in the agricultural sector. All sectors of the food industry are invited to register. This webinar is also open to the public. Entrance is free but numbers are limited so registration is essential


  • Chris van Dijk – MPO
  • Ms Liane Jones – PMA
  • Peter Vervoort – NAHF
  • Gerhard Neethling – RMAA
  • AFMA – TBC

Time: 14h00

Duration: 1.5 hours

Speakers will make a brief presentation followed by Q & A session from the online audience.

Moderator: Linda Jackson, Food Focus

Register here: