World Wildlife Day-WRSA shares-2018-03-10

Did you know that Cape Mountain Zebra was very close to extinction about 80 years ago? Celebrating #WildlifeinSA on #WorldWildlifeDay


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Celebrate South Africa’s wildlife:


The image below shows the successes and victories achieved in the wildlife industry and the role of private ranching.  Let us celebrate the fact that we are expanding our wildlife and leaving a lasting legacy for the future generations of South Africa by implementing sustainable breeding, utilization and conservation practices.


#WildlifeinSA #WorldWildlifeDay



In the final spirit of this week’s  celebrating South Africa’s wildlife, we have to remember how far we have come as a nation. Let us stand together, WRSA, the full value chain of the wildlife industry and citizens of South Africa, to build an inclusive and sustainable wildlife industry, to protect our natural resources and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.


#WildlifeinSA #WorldWildlifeDay