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Who are we

In 2006 the National Animal Health Forum was established by a group of concerned veterinarians and animal production groups.  There was a need for a forum whereby veterinarians together with the animal production groups could liaise with government regarding animal disease control matters.  In 2010 the National Animal Health Forum was briefly inactive whereby it was re-established in 2011 and  meeting again on a regular basis with Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development (Previously Forestry and Fisheries – DAFF).
The agenda of the National Animal Health Forum meetings contains topics of discussion that vary from the Veterinary Strategy Plan, and the Northern Livestock Border Fence to various diseases including Brucellosis, Bovine Tuburculosis, Ovine Johne’s disease, African Horse Sickness, Bovine Malignant Catarrhal fever and Peste des petits ruminants.  Matters gets resolved through continued positive liaison with the Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development, the Provincial Agricultural Departments and other national departments.

The goal of the National Animal Health Forum is public private partnerships to improve veterinary services and the compliance with animal health standards.

NAHF Objective

To provide leadership in securing outcomes that position South Africa as a world leader in terms of its animal health status, that protect the national herds / flocks, and that promote national and international market access both in the short and long term.

To promote and improve the health status of the National Livestock Herds / Flocks in order to promote sustainable livestock production and food safety.

To foster or stimulate effective disease control, and ensure safe food and related products.

To foster and promote relations between the organized role players in the animal production industry such as Government, Veterinary groups, research groups, disease control laboratories – as well as between representatives of the Forum members, in all aspects concerning animal health and food safety.

To promote, support or oppose, as necessary in the interests of animal health, disease control and food security: Any legislation or regulation or national health standard introduced by Central, Provincial or local Government bodies, and including any international Statutory Agencies, which could affect the Forum’s members.

To promote acceptable national health standards aimed at meeting consumer and market requirements, both nationally and internationally. To encourage a code of conduct of all stake holders of the Forum such as to command the confidence and respect of the public in general.

To address any issues relevant to the objectives of the Forum.


We decided to take the “Linking Animal Health” further by adding the Links to the logo design. Each color represents different aspects to which the NAHF strive for:

The dark blue: is the color of trust and peace. It can suggest loyalty and integrity as well as conservatism and frigidity.

The red: is a positive color, it motivates us to take action, it signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities promoting ambition and determination.

The grey: is the color of compromise, grey is solid and stable-relief from a chaotic world.

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