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Disease Reports and Maps-May 2022: Disease report May 2022 – Summary Maps – May 2022 Disease Reports and Maps-April 2022: Disease report April 2022 – Summary Maps – April 2022 Disease Reports and Maps-March 2022: Disease report March – Summary Maps – March 2022 Disease Reports and Maps-February 2022: Disease […]

WOLBOER | Sustainable Cape Wools Standard | Deon Saayman

FARMERS ENCOURAGED TO GET ACCREDITED IN CERTIFICATION SCHEMES In the latest edition of the Wool Farmer, Deon Saayman, Cape Wools manager looks back on the first year of the implementation of the Sustainable Cape Wools Standard (SCWS). More than 620 farms have been assessed since 1 July 2020, the date […]

Avian Influenza | Updates and News | 2021

Avian Influenza | Updates and News | 2021 Please see here the most recent update on the outbreaks of Avian Influenza: H5 and H7 update report 3 September 2021 signed.docx

DALRRD | DoH | National Rabies Strategy 2019 – 2030

National Strategy for the Elimination of Canine Mediated Human Rabies in South Africa (2019-2030) Rabies is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a neglected zoonotic disease and has an almost 100% case fatality rate in both humans and animals. Despite this, rabies is 100% preventable through rabies awareness […]

#WORLD RABIES DAY | 28 September 2021 | Rabies: Facts not Fear | WEBINAR

#WORLDRABIESDAY RABIES | Facts Not Fear | Webinar Content See here the content from the Webinar. We thank you for attending! Presentations: IMPACT OF RABIES IN COMMUNITIES Dr Vanessa Meyer National Rabies webinar_Dr Jacqueline Weyer 2021 National Rabies Webinar_INVITE_LandScape_Web PPT for Webinar RABIES CONTACT AND INFORMATION PRESANTATION-Priscilla Matsafu Rabies Reporting-Kevin […]