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Industry Consultative Information Session | LITS SA | 28 July 2021

Industry Consultative Information Session | LITS SA | 28 July 2021 Dear LITS SA Committee Members and Stakeholders, Due to the growing interest in the Industry Consultative Information Session for LITS SA we have undertaken to host it on the Microsoft Teams Webinar Platform which will be able to accommodate […]

PLAAS TV-19 July 2021

BROADCAST: 19 July 2021 BROADCAST: 09 June 2021 BROADCAST: 07 May 2021 BROADCAST: 28 April 2021 BROADCAST: 31 March 2021 BROADCAST: 19 March 2021 BROADCAST: 17 March 2021 BROADCAST: 15 March 2021 BROADCAST: 12 March 2021 BROADCAST: 8 March 2021 BROADCAST: ARC BEEF PERFORMERS AWARD 2020 BROADCAST: 1 March 2021 […]

SAPPO NEWS-Weekly Update-2021-07-16

See here the SAPPO NEWS-Weekly Update: SAPPO NEWS-16 July 2021 See here SAPPO’s Biosecurity (at Auctions) video: SAPPO BIOSECURITY AT AUCTION See here SAPPO’s ASF update: SAPPO ASF UPDATE-28 May 2021 See here SAPPO on Carte Blanche:                         […]

RPO Newsletter July 2021 Issue – 2021-07-02

See here the link to the RPO newsletter for July: RED MEAT BULLITIN July 2021 RPO on RSG Landbou: The RPO is once again involved in the RSG Landbou week and apart from exposure in terms of the programs, we also had the opportunity to record to interviews.  Herewith is […]