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MEDIA ADVISORY GOVERNMENT HOSTS POULTRY MASTERCLASS WEBINAR Government in partnership with the South African Poultry Farmer’s and Supplier’s Association will host the Poultry Masterclass Webinar series, an information sharing session on poultry farming and network support available through government agencies and poultry associations. The Masterclass is part of a series […]

PLAAS TV-28 April 2021

BROADCAST: 28 April 2021 BROADCAST: 31 March 2021 BROADCAST: 19 March 2021 BROADCAST: 17 March 2021 BROADCAST: 15 March 2021 BROADCAST: 12 March 2021 BROADCAST: 8 March 2021 BROADCAST: ARC BEEF PERFORMERS AWARD 2020 BROADCAST: 1 March 2021 BROADCAST: 15 January 2021 BROADCAST: 13 January 2021 BROADCAST: 11 January 2021 […]


The NAHF supports the frequent reporting of the disease status in areas. Please see here the RuVASA-DALRRD reporting system: Alternatively visit the RuVASA website:¬† Disease Reporting March 2021: 3 Disease report March 2021 -Summary Maps – March 2021 Disease Reporting February 2021: 2 Disease report February 2021 -Summary Maps – […]

World Veterinary Day 25 April | HAPPY WORLD VETERINARY DAY!

World Veterinary Day We would not only like to celebrate the incredible work done by veterinarians, but by all the animal healthcare professionals dedicating their passion, knowledge, and skills towards improving animal healthcare.   The South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) would like to thank all Animal Healthcare Professionals for their […]

World Veterinary Day 25 April | SAVC registration

SAVC registration: Celebrate your profession by becoming a registered professional, and gain access to a variety of benefits and resources for your profession. The benefit of registering and paying maintenance fees for the SAVC cannot be translated into a personal benefit per se but it can be translated into a […]

World Veterinary Day 25 April | Celebrate your profession

World Veterinary Day 25 April | Celebrate your profession Celebrate your profession by Upholding standards CPD Collaboration Transparency Teamwork Through CDP, collaboration, transparency, and teamwork, the SAVC ensures a good relationship between the 6 different professions.   The SAVC also motivates all the professions to make use of the above […]