Invitation | “Stop ASF: Public and Private partnering for success” | 21 and 28 June 2021

Invitation | “Stop ASF: Public and Private partnering for success” | 21 and 28 June 2021


Dear colleagues from the public and private sector,


The virtual event “Stop ASF: Public and private partnering for success” has just been launched! The agenda and other relevant information of the event may be accessed here.


Join us at the event and you will have the chance to build your network and engage with global experts and industry leaders, all of whom share a strong will to work together to stop the spread of ASF.


On the event platform, you will find useful information for the development of public private partnerships for the control of ASF. As of today, more than 800 participants from all over the world have already registered. If you have not yet registered, do not miss out on the opportunity! To register, simply click on the link here:


Do not forget to also log in for the two LIVE EVENTS on 21 June (12.30pm – 2pm CEST) and 28 June (12.30pm – 2pm CEST) where we will be inviting international speakers to share their experiences in ASF control and public private partnerships. Interpretation in English, French and Spanish will be available.


We thank you for contributing to the success of this event and hope to interact with you during the next three weeks. We count on you to also disseminate this message to those in your network who are interested in ASF control and the development of public private partnerships. See you at the event.


Best regards,


The organising committee


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