Government Gazette-Draft Brucellosis Policy Document-2020-01-27

Draft document – Bovine Brucellosis Control Policy Please see here the  : gg42839-2019-GOV_nn1464 Draft Document-Bovine Brucellosis Control Policy:,%20South%20Africa_V1_2019-04-01_for%20comment.pdf Please use the word document to indicate your comments: Comment format table for Draft document – Bovine Brucellosis Control Policy, South Africa (1) Comments on the “Draft document on Bovine Brucellosis […]

Brucellosis-Legal Aspects Document-2018-12-11

Dr. Trudie Prinsloo has assisted the DAFF-NAHF Brucellosis Steering Committee in the Compilation of the Document on the Legal Aspects of Brucellosis as a controlled disease. See here the article written in both English and Afrikaans: Brucellose Legal Aspects Brucellose Wetgewing


See here the new Brucellosis Posters from the Brucellosis Working Group: ENGLISH A dozen things you must know about bovine brucellosis ENGLISH 5 CORE FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BRUCELLOSIS Bovine Brucelosis Bovine Brucellosis risk

Northern Cape AHF CPD Event-Upington-2018-08-02

The Northern Cape Province Animal Health Forum Members are proud to announce that the CPD Event held earlier today had 31 attendees. See here some highlights from the day: Northern Cape AHF CPD Program (Upington) 2018-08-02 The NAHF and NCAHF thanks the The Karakoel Saal at the Upington State Veterinary Office for supplying the […]