Limpopo Animal Health Forum CPD Event-2018-07-05

The Limpopo Province Animal Health Forum Members are proud to announce that the CPD Event held earlier today had 110 attendees. See here some highlights from the day: LAHF CPD Program 2018-07-05 The NAHF and LPAHF thanks the Frikkie Meyer High School for supplying the venue for hosting the CPD Event […]


Brucellosis Presentation Dr Faffa Malan-2017-11-08

See here the presentation from Dr Faffa Malan to spread awareness of control of Brucellosis and to execute the five point Brucellosis Plan. Take note of the proposed Vendor Declaration included in the presentation: Brucellosis Presentation  

Simultaneous CA Campaign in Commercial & Communal Farming areas-2017-08-11

SIMULTANEOUS BOVINE CA (BRUCELLOSIS) ERADICATION CAMPAIGN IN ADJACENT COMMERCIAL AND COMMUNAL FARMING AREAS IN THE EASTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA. Find here the paper written on the CA (Brucellosis) Erradication Campaign in the Eastern Cape From AS Grobbelaar (CAHT-Queenstown) and AD Fisher (SV-Queenstown) from the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian […]


The Brucellosis Steering Committee together with Dr Faffa Malan has been able to secure a slot on Grootplaas TV Program airing on Kyknet Channel 144 at 05:30 Tuesday mornings Please see here the first show that aired on Tuesday the 24th of January 2017 Dr Faffa Malan explains about the dangers […]

GALVmed Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines-2017-05-04

Please see here the YouTube Video published by GALVmed for vaccine distribution to Africa:   See here the You Tube Video published by GALVmed from Sascha Al Dahouk regarding infection of Brucellosis melitensis:    

Brucellosis Vaccination-2017-03-29

Imagine 10% of the nation’s beef and dairy cattle herd infected with a contagious disease causing pregnancy loss and reproductive failure. What’s more, that same contagious disease makes people sick, sometimes with long-term repercussions. That was the situation in the mid-1930’s with brucellosis. Let’s just vaccimate! See here the article […]

Laboratories Testing For Brucellosis-2017-04-03

We thank Dr. Grietjie de Klerk for information on Brucella testing. It is so important that we all keep VET moving in all our areas V = Vaccination E = Education T = Test See here updated list of laboratories doing testing on Brucellosis Laboratories that may do Brucella tests […]