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Disease Reports and Maps-December 2021: Disease report Desember 2021 Summary final Maps – December 2021 Disease Reports and Maps-November 2021: Disease report November 2021 Summary Maps – November 2021 Disease Reports and Maps-October 2021: Disease report October 2021 Summary Maps – October 2021 Disease Reports and Maps-September 2021: Disease report […]

SAPPO NEWS-Weekly Update-2022-01-14

See here the SAPPO NEWS-Weekly Update: SAPPO NEWS-14 January 2022 See here SAPPO’s Biosecurity (at Auctions) video: SAPPO BIOSECURITY AT AUCTION See here SAPPO’s ASF update: SAPPO ASF UPDATE-28 May 2021 See here SAPPO on Carte Blanche:                         […]

BOERhier | FARMhere | Magazine | January 2022 Issue | The NAHF Features

BOERhier Magazine | January Issue | The NAHF Features Please find here the recent BOERhier Auctions Magazine in which the importance of the Biosecurity Rules at auctions article includes the link to the NAHF Website: The NAHF is proud of this achievement. […]

RPO Newsletter December 2021 Issue – 2022-01-13

See here the link to the RPO newsletter for January: RED MEAT BULLITIN January 2022 Please have a look at the RPO You Tube Page for news from the Red Meat Producers Organisation: @RedmeatproducersSA Francois Knowles talk on the importance of APAC: Centre for Rural Criminology In this […]

HEALTH FOR ANIMALS | International Day of Veterinary Medicine 2021

  International Day of Veterinary Medicine 2021 On 9th December it’s International Day of Veterinary Medicine – a day to celebrate and champion the organizations and individuals working to promote the health and wellbeing of animals. This year, HealthforAnimals want to recognize the extraordinary work that veterinarians do to support […]